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Saturday, May 15, 2010

In The Material World

Grief and the spirit...
-by Marsha Abbott

Those experiencing profound grief over the loss of a child often experience the sense that the ’material world’ becomes markedly less significant. Some attribute this to the extreme level of emotions experienced with such a loss. The expression of these emotions puts a ‘halt’ to the focus on all things earthly, and opens their souls and spirits to a heavenly connection; a connection available to everyone who chooses to stop the sounds of the ‘material world’ from drowning out the call of our spiritual link to life ‘beyond’ this 3-dimensional earth.

Once we accept that a ‘light’ can come to us not only when a child dies, but whenever we cultivate the connection, a transition can begin. Our increasingly secular culture sends daily messages that we are only ‘of the earth’. Consequently fewer and fewer people allow the possibility of a heaven and earth connection. If, after death, the energy of our spirit crosses the thin veil to a new dimension (Heaven), then do we reassess our purpose here on earth? Should we be more acutely aware of our connection to those who’ve gone before us?

People intersect with heaven on a daily basis. Often, experiences are related only to those closest to them. Faith in recent history has been ritualized and put into a box. Many faith based institutions relegate dreams, visions, and connections to life beyond this realm as superstition. This philosophy is limiting.

Throughout history there have been those willing to share their glimpse of heaven with the world. Western culture is preoccupied with serving personal pursuits, worshipping not only earthly material things, but the earth itself. Earth worship benefits political factions in search of power and serves to divert the population away from a power much greater than this dimension. Eastern cultures are often much more in tune with what is beyond this earthly world.

The energy of the spirit is a link in a chain, to which we are all connected. This energy is everlasting and worth consideration not only by those who have been struck by immeasurable pain, but by the masses.

One of Marsha's two daughters daughters (19 years old) was killed in a gun accident in Sept ‘09. She maintains a facebook page titled A New Journey, dedicated to helping grieving parents. She lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.

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