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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Poem In Memory.....

A View From Heaven

The day I went to heaven I knew that you would cry
But families are forever and our love will never die.
Just know my love surrounds you; I'm just beyond the veil.
My ship has headed home, ahead of you it sailed.

You know I had a purpose and you have one as well
God's plan for us is his alone; one we cannot foretell.
Have faith that I'll be with you on your journey through the years
I hear you when you speak of me, I see your falling tears.

I'm really not so far away as you might often feel.
Be watchful for my little signs of love which are quite real.
Be good to one another, for my love for you is strong
In kindness and forgiveness bear the light of God's sweet song.

And when you're sad and missing me, please remember this
In your dreams and on wings of butterflies you'll feel my gentle kiss.
~by Marsha Abbott

(Pictured: A baby picture of Molly being kissed by her Grandpa Flynn)
One of Marsha's two daughters daughters (19 years old) was killed in a gun accident in Sept ‘09. She maintains a facebook page titled A New Journey, dedicated to helping grieving parents. She lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest. See Blog Archive for additional articles.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem and it is certain that Molly watches over all of you. I believe in eternal life and I also believe the thin veil of heaven is very very close to us. -Sarah (an angel mom)

trena said...

Marsha, I love this poem. It's beautiful. I would love to put it in my notes. I would put where I got it. I understand if you don't want me too. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem Marsha! I wanted to know if I could repost it? My best friend Dan died 15 months ago. I still struggle with exactly what your poem says. Thank you Marsha for your writings.

My Big Red Shoe said...

This comment is a response to the person who asked me about reposting this poem. The comment was from 'anonymous' and this person referred to "Dan". The answer to your question is yes. I wrote that poem one evening when I was wondering what Molly would say to me from heaven....as she watched me cry. -Marsha (My Big Red Shoe)